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     北京翰林汇信息技术服务有限公司(以下简称翰林汇)是一家从事IT技术专业的服务公司, 成立于1994年。作为中国笔记本电脑专业维修的行业先锋,有着多年与个人消费者和企业用户交往的专业积累,提供多品牌笔记本电脑、台式机、服务器、投影仪、数码产品、打印机及其他外设的硬件维修和系统维护、数据恢复、集成安装、IT运营外包以及客户订制化服务。




Beijing Highlys Information Technology Service Co., LTD., (hereinafter referred to as Highlys) is a professional service company in IT fields,and it was founded in 1994.As an industry pioneer in China's notebook professional services fields, Highlys has accumulated rich professional interaction experience with individual consumers and business users. Highly provides hardware repair and system maintenance for multi-brand notebooks, desktops, servers, projectors, digital products, printers and other Computer Peripherals, as well as data recovery, integrated installation, IT outsourcing and bespoke services.

Headquartered in Beijing, its 5 major branches including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang and Guangzhou, has become a great service network covering all major and 2nd line cities. As HP & Dell authorized post sales service center and on chip level professional maintenance platform, Highlys has been focusing on the industryexpertise, seeking for excellence and constantly updating hardware equipment, with efforts to promotion on the level of technical service ability and service management. The Company has over 50 Senior IT service engineer and management professionals, with professional qualification on country-level, and professional certification from HP and Microsoft. Highlys has maintained a good work relationship and partnership with many well-known multinational IT vendors such as IBM, COMPAQ, HP, and Dell Since 1995,and hasintroduced high quality professional services to a broader range in all walks of life, including government, financial industries, universities,  manufacturers, retails, services, telecommunications, and has maintained long-term stable cooperation with them.

Highlys distributes post sales services for many branded IT products and is a national extended service agent for HP, Dell, APC and Eaton, service partner with Hoover and Huawei cloud.

Highlys actively assists factory service product promotion formanufacturers in mainland China, to help them provide better service to end users.

Highlys passed the ISO9000 qualification for quality management system and ISO14000 certification for environmental protection management system in 2008, which upgrades its service management system to a new level. 

Highlys will adhere to its commitment to the corporate principles and values of honesty, gratitude, and win-win, and constantly creates and adds values to our clients with its great efforts.